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Month: January 2021

Creativity in Music Education(2019, Springer)

Creativity in Music Education(2019, Springer)

“Creativity in Music Education” (2019), co-edited by Yukiko Tsubonou, the president of this Institute, was reported as the most read book from January to September 2020 by Springer, which is one of the world-renowned publishers of scholarly works. This book was selected in the category of “SDGs 4: Quality Education for All” of United Nations.

Moreover, “Web of Science”, which is a worldwide, state-of-the-art database, reported to the editors that this book has been selected as an addion to the “Core Collection”.

It introduces the practice and research of creative music education, mainly in Japan and other Asian countries. It seems that a book about music education centered on Japan, especially about “Creative Music Making” written in English and introduced to the world, had never been published before.

The following people contributed papers to the book as related persons of this Institute.

Kondo, Shinko(et al.), Learner Agency in Musical Creative Process and Learning.

Imada, Tadhiko, Soundscape, Sound Education, and the Grain of the Music.

Koma, Kumiko, Exploring Children’s Creative Musical Conversations Using the Tambourine.

Ohtake, Noriko, Rethinking Takemitsu Through Creative Music Activities.

Konoma, Eiko, Creativity in Music Education from 1890s to 1930s in Japan.

Tsubonou, Yukiko, The Clues of Understanding and Creating Music.

Takasu, Hajime, Creativity in the Japanese National Curriculum for Music.